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Conditional stability estimation for an inverse boundary problem with non-smooth boundary in $\mathcal {R}^3$
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by J. Cheng, Y. C. Hon and M. Yamamoto PDF
Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 353 (2001), 4123-4138 Request permission


In this paper, we investigate an inverse problem of determining a shape of a part of the boundary of a bounded domain in $\mathcal R^3$ by a solution to a Cauchy problem of the Laplace equation. Assuming that the unknown part is a Lipschitz continuous surface, we give a logarithmic conditional stability estimate in determining the part of boundary under reasonably a priori information of an unknown part. The keys are the complex extension and estimates for a harmonic measure.
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Additional Information
  • J. Cheng
  • Affiliation: Department of Mathematics, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, China & Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Engineering, Gunma University, Kiryu 376-8515, Japan
  • Email: and
  • Y. C. Hon
  • Affiliation: Department of Mathematics, City University of Hong Kong, Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Email:
  • M. Yamamoto
  • Affiliation: Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Tokyo, 3-8-1 Komaba, Meguro, Tokyo 153-8914, Japan
  • MR Author ID: 231929
  • Email:
  • Received by editor(s): July 27, 1999
  • Received by editor(s) in revised form: June 16, 2000
  • Published electronically: June 6, 2001
  • Additional Notes: The first author is partly supported by NSF of China (No.19971016). This work was also partially supported by the Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong SAR,China (Grant numbers #9040428) and the Sanwa Systems Development Company Limited (Tokyo, Japan).
  • © Copyright 2001 American Mathematical Society
  • Journal: Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 353 (2001), 4123-4138
  • MSC (1991): Primary 35R30, 31B20
  • DOI:
  • MathSciNet review: 1837223