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MathSAFE is a program by and for the mathematical community to support a safe and welcoming environment at meetings

The AMS is proud to participate in MathSafe, a program by and for the mathematical community to support a safe and welcoming environment at meetings. MathSafe volunteers are trained to help anyone at meetings who experiences harassment, discrimination, or other inappropriate behavior.

 to learn more and sign up for training.

How the AMS uses MathSafe

The AMS requires all staff members working at our meetings and conferences to receive MathSafe training. We also welcome trained MathSafe volunteers from the community at any of our meetings and will provide them with identifying badges and AMS contacts when they’re on site.

MathSafe volunteers:

  • serve as point persons if people experience harassment during a meeting
  • help people connect with resources, meetings staff, reporting portals, and/or authorities
  • wear buttons to identify themselves throughout meetings

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Initiated by members of the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics to help create welcoming environments at meetings, and, following supportive conversations with members and leaders of the mathematics community regarding this type of program, the AMS included the launch of MathSafe in its 2021 operating plan, which was reviewed by the Board of Trustees. AMS Executive Director Catherine Roberts contracted with the consultant for the American Geophysical Union’s SafeAGU to conduct the inaugural training, and led AMS staff in setting up the administrative infrastructure to unveil

Sponsoring the launch of this program is one way in which we are carrying out our commitment to hold welcoming scientific gatherings, stand firm against harassment, and help ensure the full participation of everyone interested in mathematics.

Leaders from several sister societies, including American Statistical Association, Association for Symbolic Logic, Association for Women in Mathematics, National Association of Mathematicians, and Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics are now working together to spread the word and invite volunteers from across the community. The AMS is pleased to be part of this dedicated community.

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