AMS von Neumann Symposium

These one-week conferences are held approximately every four years in the summer. They focus on seminal concepts in the forefront of mathematics and are made possible by the generous support of a fund established by Dr. and Mrs. Carrol V. Newsom in honor of the memory of John von Neumann.

Past Symposia


AMS von Neumann Symposium on Topological Recursion and its Influence in Analysis, Geometry, and Topology

Organized by Motohico Mulase (Chair), University of California, Davis; Bertrand Eynard, Institut de Physique Théorique, CEA; and Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu, Columbia University, New York. It reflected the recent extremely rapid and rich developments in the emerging research field that is generally known as topological recursion. It had its origin in random matrix theory, and also in the work of Mirzakhani on the volume of the moduli space of hyperbolic surfaces. It had played a fundamental role in connecting seemingly unrelated areas of mathematics, such as matrix models, enumeration of Hurwitz numbers and Grothendieck's dessins d'enfants, Hitchin moduli spaces, the A-polynomials and colored polynomial invariants of knots, Gromov-Witten invariants, the WKB asymptotic analysis of 1-dimensional Schrödinger equations, and the non-Abelian Hodge correspondence. The symposium was planned right at the time when many discoveries and crucial theorems were established, and at the same time, numerous new mysteries were arising.

Full announcement and application procedures can be found here.


AMS von Neumann Symposium on Multimodel and Multialgorithm Coupling for Multiscale Problems

Organized by John B. Bell (chair), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Alejandro L. Garcia, San Jose State University; and Francis Alexander, Los Alamos National Laboratory. Multiscale problems are of increasing importance in the fields of physics, biology, chemistry, fluid dynamics, environmental science, materials science, geophysics, and all branches of engineering. The symposium brought groups together in four key areas (fluids, solids, earth sciences, and molecular dynamics) and enabled applied mathematicians and scientists to discuss current practices and future research directions in the development of hybrid methodologies for multiscale phenomena.

Full announcement and application procedures can be found here. View poster here.


AMS von Neumann Symposium on Sparse Representation and High-Dimensional Geometry
July 8-12, 2007, Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, Snowbird, Utah
Organizing Committee:
Ron DeVore, University of South Carolina
David L. Donoho, Stanford University
Anna Gilbert, University of Michigan
Jared Tanner, University of Utah


AMS von Neumann Symposium on Complex Geometry, Calibrations, and Special Holonomy
August 11-20, 2003, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, California
Organizing Committee:
Robert Bryant (Co-chair), Duke University
Simon Donaldson, Imperial College
H. Blaine Lawson, SUNY at Stony Brook
Richard Schoen, Stanford University
Gang Tian (co-chair), Massachusetts Institute of Technology


AMS von Neumann Symposium on Arithmetic Fundamental Groups and Noncommutative Algebra
August 16-27, 1999, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, California
Organizing Committee:
Michael D. Fried, University of California, Irvine
David Harbater, University of Pennsylvania
Lance W. Small, University of California, San Diego


AMS von Neumann Symposium on Quantization and Nonlinear Wave Equations
June 7-11, 1994, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
Organizing Committee:
William Arveson, University of California, Berkeley
Robert Blattner, University of California, Los Angeles
Haim Brezis (co-chair), Rutgers University and University of Paris
Thomas Branson, University of Iowa
Irving Segal (co-chair), Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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