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Presenting Papers

The following are guidelines for presenting mathematical papers at the Joint Mathematics Meetings:

Methods of Presentation

AMS Special Sessions and Contributed Papers are provided with a screen and a LCD projector for projecting presentation slides. Blackboards, white boards, and transparency projectors are not available. Session rooms do not include an Internet connection or sound connection for videos or sound clips. For presentations using MAC computers, speakers are advised to bring the proper adaptors and equipment needed.

Transparency projectors are no longer provided as part of the standard audio-visual setup in any room. Any request for additional equipment should be sent to at no less than 1 month before the meeting. Equipment requests made at the meetings most likely will not be granted because of budgetary restrictions.

Provisions for Invited 50-Minute Speakers

Invited address talks (50-minutes long) are provided with a lectern, PC Laptop with Microsoft Office Suite including PowerPoint, PDF viewer, wireless microphone, laser pointer, wireless slide advancer "clicker", document camera (for print materials and transparencies), and LCD projector for projecting presentation slides on large stage flanking screens. For presentations using MAC materials, speakers are advised to bring the proper adaptors and equipment needed. The Invited Address room usually does not include an Internet connection. Speakers that are planning to show videos should save them to their computers or USB drives prior to the meeting.

Additional Suggestions for Speakers

  • Speak loudly enough to be heard in all areas of the room.
  • Practice your speech, timing yourself to ensure that important points are not rushed and ample time is left for a summary.
  • Define key terms briefly

Additional Questions

The AMS Meetings and Conferences Department is available to assist you in answering any questions you may have about preparation of your talk.

Meetings & Conferences Department
American Mathematical Society
Post Office Box 6887
Providence, RI 02940
fax: 401-455-4004
telephone: 401-455-4138