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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

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1990 Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting
Amherst, MA, October 20-21, 1990
Meeting #860

Associate secretaries:
W Wistar Comfort, AMS

Adams, M. E.   Program Listing  
Alber, Solomon J.   Program Listing  
Anderson, James    Program Listing  
Assani, Idris    Program Listing  
Axel, Fran\c coise    Program Listing  
Basmajian, Ara    Program Listing  
Bauer, Douglas    Program Listing  
Bennett, M. K.   Program Listing  
Birkhoff, Garrett    Program Listing  
Bleiler, Steven A.   Program Listing  
Bogart, Kenneth P.   Program Listing  
Bourjolly, Jean-Marie    Program Listing  
Brooks, Robert    Program Listing  
Brylinski, R. K.   Program Listing  
Burkov, Sergei    Program Listing  
Canary, Dick    Program Listing  
Casian, Luis    Program Listing  
Chen, Y. Y.   Program Listing  
Collins, Karen L.   Program Listing  
Conway, John Horton   Program Listing  
Cook, Thurlow    Program Listing  
Corduneanu, C.    Program Listing  
Corlette, Kevin    Program Listing  
Costa, Peter J.   Program Listing  
Coutu, Gerard    Program Listing  
Crown, Gary D.   Program Listing  
Dabrowski, Romuald    Program Listing  
Dajani, Karma    Program Listing  
Divincenzo, David P.   Program Listing  
Drumm, Todd A.   Program Listing  
Dunbar, William D.   Program Listing  
Earle, Clifford J.   Program Listing  
Eigen, S. J.   Program Listing  
Elser, Veit    Program Listing  
Epstein, David    Program Listing  
Faybusovich, Leonid    Program Listing  
Fieldsteel, Adam    Program Listing  
Fleischer, Isidore    Program Listing  
Foulis, D.    Program Listing  
Friedman, N. A.   Program Listing  
G\'acs, Peter    Program Listing  
Gallo, Daniel    Program Listing  
Garcia, Josefa I.   Program Listing  
Gehring, F. W.   Program Listing  
Gilman, Jane    Program Listing  
Ginsburg, Victor    Program Listing  
Godr\`eche, Claude    Program Listing  
Goldman, William M.   Program Listing  
Greechie, R. J.   Program Listing  
Greene, Curtis    Program Listing  
Grosshans, Frank    Program Listing  
Gumm, H. Peter   Program Listing  
Handelman, David    Program Listing  
Hasfura, J. Roberto   Program Listing  
Hawkins, Jane    Program Listing  
Helminck, Aloysius G.   Program Listing  
Hern\'andez, Luis    Program Listing  
Hidalgo, Melissa C.   Program Listing  
Hidalgo, Ruben A.   Program Listing  
Hildebrant, John A.   Program Listing  
Hoff, David    Program Listing  
Holland Jr., Samuel S.   Program Listing  
Howe, Roger E.   Program Listing  
Ito, Yuji    Program Listing  
Johnson, Aimee    Program Listing  
Johnson, Charles R.   Program Listing  
del Junco, Andr\'es    Program Listing  
Kammeyer, Janet Whalen   Program Listing  
Kapitula, Todd    Program Listing  
Knapp, A. W.   Program Listing  
Kojima, Sadayoshi    Program Listing  
Koranyi, Adam    Program Listing  
Kra, Irwin    Program Listing  
Krishnamoorthy, M. S.   Program Listing  
Kulkarni, Ravi S.   Program Listing  
Lakshmibai, V.    Program Listing  
Lazer, Alan C.   Program Listing  
Lim, Chjan    Program Listing  
Lin, Zongzhu    Program Listing  
Long, D. D.   Program Listing  
Lui, Roger    Program Listing  
Mallet-Paret, John J.   Program Listing  
Manes, Ernest G.   Program Listing  
Mann, Philip J.   Program Listing  
Margolin, Richard    Program Listing  
Markowsky, George    Program Listing  
Martin, G. J.   Program Listing  
Maskit, Bernard    Program Listing  
Masur, Howard    Program Listing  
McAuley, Louis F.   Program Listing  
McCullough, Darryl    Program Listing  
McKean Jr., Henry P.   Program Listing  
McKenna, P. J.   Program Listing  
McKeon, Kathleen A.   Program Listing  
Meyerhoff, Robert    Program Listing  
Miner, Robert R.   Program Listing  
Mosher, Lee    Program Listing  
Mozes, Shahar    Program Listing  
Nation, J. B.   Program Listing  
Neumann, Walter D.   Program Listing  
Northshield, Sam    Program Listing  
Otero, M.    Program Listing  
Park, Kyewon    Program Listing  
Parker, John R.   Program Listing  
Phillips, Mark B.   Program Listing  
Pillen, Cornelius    Program Listing  
Piziak, Robert    Program Listing  
Pranata, Iwan    Program Listing  
Prasad, V. S.   Program Listing  
Previato, Emma    Program Listing  
Quintas, Louis V.   Program Listing  
Rabinowitz, Stanley    Program Listing  
Radin, Charles    Program Listing  
Ratcliffe, John G.   Program Listing  
Raymond, Frank    Program Listing  
Reid, Alan W.   Program Listing  
Roytburd, Victor    Program Listing  
Sandri, G.    Program Listing  
Sankappanavar, Hanamantagouda P.   Program Listing  
Sather, D.    Program Listing  
Sauter, Kurt    Program Listing  
Schein, Boris M.   Program Listing  
Schwarz, Gerald W.   Program Listing  
Scott, Peter    Program Listing  
Seif, Steve    Program Listing  
Senechal, Marjorie    Program Listing  
Serganova, Vera    Program Listing  
Sheingorn, Mark    Program Listing  
Sklar, Abe    Program Listing  
Slodkowski, Zbigniew    Program Listing  
Speh, Birgit    Program Listing  
Spencer, Domina Eberle   Program Listing  
Steif, Jeffrey    Program Listing  
Taqqu, Murad S.   Program Listing  
Taylor, Jean E.   Program Listing  
Terman, David    Program Listing  
Testerman, Donna M.   Program Listing  
Uma, Shama Y.   Program Listing  
Vakilian, Ramin    Program Listing  
Vilonen, Kari    Program Listing  
Vogan Jr., David A.   Program Listing  
Wang, Hao    Program Listing  
Waterman, Peter    Program Listing  
Weeks, Jeff    Program Listing  
Wright, David J.   Program Listing  
Zuckerman, Gregg J.   Program Listing  

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