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2003 Spring Central Section Meeting
Bloomington, IN, April 4-6, 2003
Meeting #985

Associate secretaries:
Susan J Friedlander, AMS

Agol, Ian    Program Listing  
Ahearn, Stephen    Program Listing  
Akin-Bohner, Elvan    Program Listing  
Allcock, Daniel J.   Program Listing  
Ambrose, David M.   Program Listing  
Anderson, Douglas R.   Program Listing  
Anguelova, Iana I   Program Listing  
Anton, Marian F.   Program Listing  
Arone, Greg    Program Listing  
Ash, J. Marshall   Program Listing  
Atici, Ferhan M.   Program Listing  
Avramidou, Parthena    Program Listing  
Axenovich, Maria Alex   Program Listing  
Bach, Eric    Program Listing  
Baldridge, Scott    Program Listing  
Ball, Karen T.   Program Listing  
Balogh, Jozsef    Program Listing  
Banagl, Markus    Program Listing  
Banuelos, Rodrigo    Program Listing  
Barvinok, Alexander    Program Listing  
Bergvelt, Maarten J.   Program Listing  
Berkson, Earl R.   Program Listing  
Berndt, Ryan    Program Listing  
Bernstein, Daniel J.   Program Listing  
Birnir, Bjorn    Program Listing  
Biss, Daniel    Program Listing  
Blei, Ron    Program Listing  
Boca, Florin P   Program Listing  
Bohner, Martin J   Program Listing  
Bona, Jerry    Program Listing  
Borisov, Lev A   Program Listing  
Bradley, Richard C.   Program Listing  
Branson, Thomas P   Program Listing  
Brock, Jeffrey F.   Program Listing  
Brown, Lawrence G.   Program Listing  
Brown, Nate    Program Listing  
Bruner, Robert R.   Program Listing  
Bryc, Wlodzimierz    Program Listing  
Buzzard, Gregery T.   Program Listing  
Calta, Kariane    Program Listing  
Campbell, James T   Program Listing  
Campbell, Mariana    Program Listing  
Canary, Dick    Program Listing  
Cantarella, Jason    Program Listing  
Cappell, Sylvain    Program Listing  
Chamanara, Reza    Program Listing  
Chan, W. Y.    Program Listing  
Chen, Guantao    Program Listing  
Chen, Zhi-Hong    Program Listing  
Chi, Quo-Shin    Program Listing  
Choe, Jaigyoung    Program Listing  
Chow, Pao-Liu    Program Listing  
Clancy, T. Charles   Program Listing  
Clarke, Francis W   Program Listing  
Comez, Dogan    Program Listing  
Connell, Chris    Program Listing  
Connolly, Frank X.   Program Listing  
Conrad, Brian D.   Program Listing  
Constantin, Peter    Program Listing  
Crowley, D J   Program Listing  
Cvitanic, Jaksa    Program Listing  
Dabrowski, Andre R   Program Listing  
Dadarlat, Marius    Program Listing  
Davis, James F.   Program Listing  
Davis, John M   Program Listing  
Del Moral, Pierre    Program Listing  
Demeter, Ciprian    Program Listing  
Denker, M    Program Listing  
Derdzinski, Andrzej    Program Listing  
Diestelkamp, Wiebke S   Program Listing  
Diller, Jeffrey    Program Listing  
Ding, Jiu    Program Listing  
Dmytrenko, Vasyl    Program Listing  
Donnelly, Harold G.   Program Listing  
Duncan, Tyrone E.   Program Listing  
Duursma, Iwan M   Program Listing  
Dykema, Ken    Program Listing  
Eaton, Nancy    Program Listing  
Eggleton, Roger B.   Program Listing  
Ellingham, Mark N.   Program Listing  
Elmendorf, A. D.   Program Listing  
El-Zanati, Saad I.   Program Listing  
Escobales, Richard H   Program Listing  
Eskin, Alex    Program Listing  
Evans, Anthony B   Program Listing  
Faudree, R. J.   Program Listing  
Fishman, Louis    Program Listing  
Fon-Der-Flaass, Dima    Program Listing  
Friedl, Stefan K   Program Listing  
Friedlander, Susan    Program Listing  
Frohman, Charles D   Program Listing  
Galvin, David    Program Listing  
Gatto, A. Eduardo   Program Listing  
Gekhtman, Michael    Program Listing  
Gekhtman, Michael    Program Listing  
Geller, William    Program Listing  
Ghomi, Mohammad    Program Listing  
Gilmer, Patrick    Program Listing  
Golse, Francois J   Program Listing  
Goodman, Victor W.   Program Listing  
Gould, Ronald J.   Program Listing  
Gray, Brayton    Program Listing  
Griess, Robert L.   Program Listing  
Griggs, Jerrold R.   Program Listing  
Griggs, Jerrold R.   Program Listing  
Grodal, Jesper    Program Listing  
Guan, Bo    Program Listing  
Guentner, Erik    Program Listing  
Hambleton, Ian    Program Listing  
Hamburger, Peter    Program Listing  
Hamdy, Safuat    Program Listing  
Haskell, Peter    Program Listing  
Haxell, P E   Program Listing  
Herald, Christopher M   Program Listing  
Housworth, Elizabeth Ann   Program Listing  
Hsu, D. Frank   Program Listing  
Hu, Yaozhong    Program Listing  
Huang, Chaocheng    Program Listing  
Huang, Yi-Zhi    Program Listing  
Huff, Robert    Program Listing  
Hughes, Bruce    Program Listing  
Hughes, Bruce    Program Listing  
Hurley, Katherine L   Program Listing  
Hwang, Eunju    Program Listing  
Isaksen, Dan    Program Listing  
Islam, Muhammad    Program Listing  
Jacobson, Michael J   Program Listing  
Jacobson, Michael S   Program Listing  
Jahren, Bjoern    Program Listing  
Jajcay, Robert    Program Listing  
Jensen, Gary R.   Program Listing  
Ji, Ronghui    Program Listing  
Jiang, Yunping    Program Listing  
Jin, Shi    Program Listing  
Johnson, Brenda    Program Listing  
Jonasson, Johan    Program Listing  
Jones, Roger L   Program Listing  
del Junco, Andres    Program Listing  
Karna, Basant K   Program Listing  
Kaufmann, Eric R.   Program Listing  
Kazez, William H.   Program Listing  
Keen, Linda    Program Listing  
Kezdy, Andre E   Program Listing  
Khuri-Makdisi, Kamal    Program Listing  
Kim, Kyounghee    Program Listing  
Kim, Seog-Jin    Program Listing  
Kim, Taehee    Program Listing  
King, Brian S   Program Listing  
Kirk, Paul    Program Listing  
Klimek, Slawomir    Program Listing  
Klin, Mikhail H   Program Listing  
Kohayakawa, Yoshiharu    Program Listing  
Kolibal, Joseph    Program Listing  
Kornfeld, Isaac    Program Listing  
Kostochka, Alexandr    Program Listing  
Kostochka, Alexandr    Program Listing  
Krantz, Steven G.   Program Listing  
Kribs, David W.   Program Listing  
Kuelbs, James    Program Listing  
Kukavica, Igor    Program Listing  
Kumjian, Alex    Program Listing  
Kundgen, Andre    Program Listing  
Kurtz, Thomas G.   Program Listing  
Kusner, Rob    Program Listing  
Lai, Hong-Jian    Program Listing  
Lazebnik, Felix    Program Listing  
Leadbetter, Malcolm Ross   Program Listing  
Lee, Kiseop    Program Listing  
Le Gia, Quoc T   Program Listing  
Lepowsky, J.    Program Listing  
Levermore, D    Program Listing  
Lewis, Thomas M.   Program Listing  
Liggett, Thomas M   Program Listing  
Lightwood, Sam    Program Listing  
Limic, Vlada    Program Listing  
Lindenstrauss, Elon B.   Program Listing  
Liu, Xiaobo    Program Listing  
Loebus, Joerg-Uwe    Program Listing  
Macko, Tibor    Program Listing  
Maillard, Jean-Marie    Program Listing  
Manickam, N    Program Listing  
Mariani, Maria Cristina   Program Listing  
Maroun, Mariette R   Program Listing  
Martin, Ryan R.   Program Listing  
Mason, David M   Program Listing  
Masur, Howard    Program Listing  
Matzinger, Heinrich Felix   Program Listing  
Mauer-Oats, Andrew    Program Listing  
Mazumdar, Ravi R   Program Listing  
McClure, Jim    Program Listing  
McCutcheon, Randall G   Program Listing  
McKee, Terry A   Program Listing  
Meeks, William H.   Program Listing  
Mellinger, Keith E   Program Listing  
Milas, Antun    Program Listing  
Milenkovic, Olgica    Program Listing  
Miller, Alica    Program Listing  
Miller, Curtis P   Program Listing  
Miller, John G   Program Listing  
Minasian, Vahagn    Program Listing  
Mineyev, Igor    Program Listing  
Misra, Kailash C.   Program Listing  
Mocioalca, Oana    Program Listing  
Monico, Chris    Program Listing  
Mossel, Elchanan    Program Listing  
Mueller, Carl E   Program Listing  
M\"uller, Siguna M.S.   Program Listing  
Newton, Paul K.   Program Listing  
Nicolaescu, Liviu I   Program Listing  
Nikolaev, Igor    Program Listing  
Olsen, James H   Program Listing  
Ormes, Nicholas S   Program Listing  
Pak, Igor    Program Listing  
Palmore, Julian I.   Program Listing  
Parker, Darren B   Program Listing  
Pascu, Mihai N   Program Listing  
Pasik-Duncan, Bozenna J.   Program Listing  
Pauls, Scott D.   Program Listing  
Pedit, Franz   Program Listing  
Pelayo, Ignacio M   Program Listing  
Pelsmajer, Michael J.   Program Listing  
Pemantle, R.    Program Listing  
Peng, Yuejian    Program Listing  
Perkel, Manley    Program Listing  
Petracovici, Lia    Program Listing  
Philipp, Walter V.   Program Listing  
Pivato, Marcus    Program Listing  
Plaut, Conrad    Program Listing  
Pomerance, Carl    Program Listing  
Prassidis, Stratos    Program Listing  
Protter, Philip    Program Listing  
Quas, Anthony    Program Listing  
Quinn, Frank S   Program Listing  
Radnell, David    Program Listing  
Raffoul, Youssef N   Program Listing  
Ramamurthi, Radhika    Program Listing  
Ranicki, Andrew A   Program Listing  
Reid, K. Brooks   Program Listing  
Roitman, Michael    Program Listing  
Rosenblatt, Joseph    Program Listing  
Ruan, Zhong-Jin    Program Listing  
Ruberman, Daniel    Program Listing  
Ruszinko, Miklos    Program Listing  
Savage, Alistair    Program Listing  
Schaeffer, Jack W   Program Listing  
Scheidler, Renate    Program Listing  
Schelp, Richard H.   Program Listing  
Schirokauer, Oliver A   Program Listing  
Schmidt, Thomas A   Program Listing  
Schweigert, Christoph    Program Listing  
Schwenk, Allen J.   Program Listing  
Sebastian, M Cioaba   Program Listing  
Seddighin, Morteza    Program Listing  
Sellke, Thomas M   Program Listing  
Sheiham, Desmond    Program Listing  
Shen, Jie    Program Listing  
Shen, Zhongmin    Program Listing  
Sheng, Qin    Program Listing  
Shlyakhtenko, Dimitri Y   Program Listing  
Singh, Parmjeet K   Program Listing  
Sissokho, Papa Amar   Program Listing  
Slemrod, Marshall    Program Listing  
Smoller, Joel A   Program Listing  
Smyth, Brian    Program Listing  
Song, Seongjoo    Program Listing  
Song, Zixia    Program Listing  
Spielberg, Jack    Program Listing  
Sritharan, R.    Program Listing  
Staffeldt, Ross E   Program Listing  
Stanhope, Elizabeth A.   Program Listing  
Stawiska, Malgorzata S.   Program Listing  
Steele, J. Michael   Program Listing  
Stojanovic, Srdjan    Program Listing  
Sullivan, John M   Program Listing  
Sundar, Padmanabhan    Program Listing  
Sutton, Craig J.   Program Listing  
Szaniszlo, Zsuzsanna    Program Listing  
Szekely, Laszlo A   Program Listing  
Tabachnikov, Serge    Program Listing  
Tabachnikov, Serge    Program Listing  
Temam, Roger    Program Listing  
Thoma, L.    Program Listing  
Tindel, Samy    Program Listing  
Tong, Simei    Program Listing  
Tran, Chuong V   Program Listing  
Tran, Lanh Tat   Program Listing  
Turan, Gyorgy    Program Listing  
Utev, Sergey    Program Listing  
Vadhan, Salil P   Program Listing  
Vajiac, Bogdan    Program Listing  
Verma, Ram U   Program Listing  
Verstraete, Jacques Alain   Program Listing  
Victory, H.D.    Program Listing  
Wagstaff, Samuel S   Program Listing  
Wallis, W. D.   Program Listing  
Walsh, Matthew P   Program Listing  
Walsh, P. G.   Program Listing  
Wang, Cheng    Program Listing  
Wang, Shouhong    Program Listing  
Wang, Xiaoming    Program Listing  
Weaver, Nik    Program Listing  
Weiss, Gary    Program Listing  
West, Douglas B   Program Listing  
Wierman, John C.   Program Listing  
Williams, Bruce    Program Listing  
Williams, Hugh C   Program Listing  
Wirosoetisno, Djoko    Program Listing  
Wittwer, Janine    Program Listing  
Woldar, A J   Program Listing  
Wolf, Michael    Program Listing  
Wollan, Paul    Program Listing  
Wollman, Stephen    Program Listing  
Wu, Sijue    Program Listing  
Yakimov, Milen    Program Listing  
Yamskulna, Gaywalee -   Program Listing  
Yau, Donald    Program Listing  
Yin, Hong-Ming    Program Listing  
Yin, William    Program Listing  
Zhang, Gaofei    Program Listing  
Zhang, Jianfeng    Program Listing  
Zhang, Shuang    Program Listing  
Zhang, Shuang    Program Listing  
Zhao, Wenhua    Program Listing  
Zhao, Yi    Program Listing  
Zheng, Ziyu    Program Listing  
Zhu, Jin    Program Listing  
Ziane, Mohammed B   Program Listing  

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