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e-CMP: Electronic notification service for Current Mathematical Publications

Welcome to e-CMP, an email notification of Current Mathematical Publications (CMP). e-CMP sends you a helpful monthly bibliographic index of the latest mathematics research in MathSciNet, tailored to your preferred Mathematics Subject Classifications.

To signup or change your MSC preferences log into your member account then select subject classes. Check your inbox once a month for the latest research.

e-CMP helps by

  • keeping you abreast of the latest research in up to five MSCs of your choosing
  • providing timely entries that are fully link to MathSciNet
  • sending you regularly scheduled emails during the first week of every month


To be eligible for this benefit, join or renew your AMS membership.

Questions? Need assistance? Email AMS Customer Service or call 401-455-4000 or 800-321-4267.

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