Membership E-mail Forwarding

Membership E-mail Forwarding is a service available only to AMS individual members. members only

AMS members can now:

  • maintain a consistent AMS e-mail address regardless of academic affiliation or current geographic location, and
  • provide an easy way for colleagues and friends to locate you on the Internet through an e-mail address that's mnemonically tied to your name and the AMS.

Using Membership E-mail Forwarding, all e-mail sent to your forwarding account is automatically delivered to the destination address of your choice. Change your destination address as many times as you'd like; however, each AMS member can have only one e-mail forwarding account.

AMS User Account: You must have an AMS User Account in order to access this area. Once you click on the "Continue" button, you will be prompted to sign in if you have not already done so. If you do not have a Web User account, you will be given the opportunity to sign up.

When you create the AMS User account, be sure to include your AMS Customer Code located in the upper right of your printed Dues Notification and on the label from your Notices or Bulletin subscription (be careful to not include the shipping method which is located next to your customer code on the label). If you do not know your AMS Customer Code, you may contact Customer Services.

Note about e-mail scanning: The AMS has adopted the following process for handling member e-mail forwarding:

    • The first time a sender sends any piece of e-mail to a particular recipient, he or she will receive a temporary failure.
    • This means that the AMS mail server will communicate a failure message back to the sending mail server. This process often stops one-shot spam messages from passing on to the user.
    • Most mail servers will attempt to resend the e-mail but there may be delays receiving it, depending how the sending e-mail server is configured.
    • After a certain delay the message is accepted and the source-sender-recipient combination is put on a white list.
    • All mail that goes through the AMS member mail forwarding process is scanned for viruses and dangerous attachments.
    • If viruses or offending attachments are found, the message is automatically rejected back to the sending mail server.
    • All member e-mail ( is filtered for spam to prevent being blacklisted by downstream servers.



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