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Nominee Membership
(Graduate Students and Faculty)

Institutional Nominee membership is a free membership given by a participating institution to a full-time graduate student or faculty in the mathematical sciences. No dues are owed by the student if the institution has paid for institutional membership. Memberships run from January through December. Individuals are re-nominated each year they are full-time graduate students or faculty.Note

Getting Started

A web account is required for checking membership status, changing addresses online, and accessing members-only benefits.

  1. Enter your name and preferred email address
  2. Create a password
  3. Once you have a login established, update your mailing address and mark your preference
    for delivery of membership related benefits

The nomination process for nominee members occurs in early fall. Each institutional member will receive a letter in the mail about the opportunity to re-nominate, nominate, or drop nominee memberships. The form for this will be available online at that time, accessible through the email notification only (the link for the form is given in the letter.)

Graduate Student Chapters

AMS supports graduate students with a variety of special services that foster research, encourage networking and build careers:

AMS Graduate Student Chapters is a program that will generate interest in the mathematical sciences and encourage students in their mathematical pursuits. The AMS provides up to $750 annually for Student Chapter mathematical activities. Start your chapter today!



Mathematics Research Communities (MRC) nurtures early-career mathematicians - those who are close to completing their doctorates or have recently finished - and provides them with opportunities to build social and collaborative networks to inspire and sustain each other in their work. The structured program engages and guides participants as they start their careers. For each topic, the program includes a week-long summer conference, special session at the national meeting, discussion network, ongoing mentoring, and longitudinal study of early career mathematicians.

Fellowships & Grants

AMS Graduate Student Travel Grants aid graduate students traveling to the Joint Mathematics Meeting and Sectional Meetings. The Special Sessions planned for each meeting offer the latest in mathematical research and ideas, and provide numerous networking opportunities. AMS- Simons Travel Grants are awarded to recent Ph.D recipients and provide research related travel grants. AMS also administers and supports other fellowship programs such as the Centennial Fellowship, the AMS-AAAS Media Fellowship and the AMS Congressional Fellowship.

Career Services

AMS offers several programs to assist job seekers and employers:

  • The Employment Center is an annual job-interviewing program held at the Joint Mathematics Meetings. Register by October.
  • Notices contain employment ads. (Note that Notices ads and web site ads are not the same. Check out both.)
  • The AMS Coversheet is a standardized data sheet used as an attachment to academic job applications; it can be printed, if needed, from your account.
  • MathJobs.Org is an automated job application system in mathematics.
  • Annual Survey gathers employment statistics. Several reports appear each year on our website and in Notices. Annual Survey also reports names, institutions and thesis titles of new Ph.D. recipients in the mathematical sciences.
Help for Authors

As your research progresses and you prepare to publish scholarly work in mathematics, many questions arise. Check out these helpful AMS web resources:

Help for Teachers

As your teaching role increases and you begin to search for resources for your students, look to the AMS for help. Our Public Awareness Office provides news, posters and events that make mathematics come alive for your students. Our Summer Program Guides helps gifted students find the right opportunities.

Looking for student activities? Check out . Plan a Math Awareness Month event or organize a "Pi Day" Celebration on March 14th.

Maintaining your membership throughout your career

Please contact the AMS once you know that your institution will no longer nominate you. You can choose the appropriate dues level at that time. Special offers are always available for former graduate students.


Questions about membership?

Customer Service Department
American Mathematical Society
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Providence, RI 02904-2213 USA
Tel: 800-321-4267 (in the U.S. and Canada); 401-455-4000 (worldwide)
Fax: 401-455-4046