The Einstein Public Lecture in Mathematics

WHAT IS...a Lefschetz Pencil?
Robert E. Gompf

The IAS School of Mathematics at 75
Susan Friedlander and Mark Goresky

Mathematics by Experiment and Experimentation in Mathematics--A Book Review
Reviewed by Jeffrey Shallit

Knots for Everyone: The Knot Book--A Book Review
Alexey Sossinsky

Wiles Receives 2005 Shaw Prize

2004 Survey of the Mathematical Sciences (Third Report)
Ellen E. Kirkman, James W. Maxwell, and Colleen A. Rose

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Mathematics, Biology, and Physics: Interactions and Interdependence
Michael C. Mackey and Moisés Santillán
The authors review some of the historical relation between physics, mathematics, and the biological sciences and consider the future role of this interaction.

Teaching Mathematics Graduate Students How to Teach
Solomon Friedberg
The author reports on some experiences in teaching mathematics graduate students how to teach, in particular by using a case study method.

Manifolds with Density
Frank Morgan
The subject is Riemannian manifolds whose volume and area elements are weighted by a density function; an example is Euclidean space weighted by the Gaussian probability density function, which is known as Gauss space and used in the study of Brownian motion. The author considers the generalization to these manifolds of volume estimates and isoperimetric inequalities.


Opinion: "What Mathematics is Required to Make use of Genomic Data?" - Jennifer Slimowitz and Scott Weidman, Board on Mathematical Sciences and Their Applications, National Research Council
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