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Welcome to AMS Open Math Notes, a repository of freely downloadable mathematical works in progress hosted by the American Mathematical Society as a service to researchers, teachers and students. These draft works include course notes, textbooks, and research expositions in progress. They have not been published elsewhere, and, as works in progress, are subject to significant revision. Visitors are encouraged to download and use these materials as teaching and research aids, and to send constructive comments and suggestions to the authors.

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Here is one of the best and the more recent books on Complex Dynamics in Higer Dimension. Here, we develop a calculus on positive closed currents of arbitrary bidegree on compact K{\"a}hler manifolds after recalling a notion of super-potential associated to such currents by using deformations in the space of currents. We define in particular the intersection of such currents and the pull-back operator. We apply the theory of super-potentials to construct Green currents ...

Armand Azonnahin
Instituto de Matemática e Estatística da Universidade de São Paulo

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