Submission guidelines

Please submit your proposals through the web at Proposals will be vetted by AMS Editors and an Advisory Board. This process will take about four weeks.
Submitted material should be a relatively complete set of note, for example, for a course, lecture series, or monograph. Supplementary material may be included, such as a Problems List, or Examples List with Illustrations.
Level of polish.
It will be made clear to viewers that these Notes are works in progress, and may contain errors or inconsistencies. The main criterion for Open Math Notes suitability will be based on usability of the material for teaching or for aiding research.
Originality and Permissions.
Authors are responsible for obtaining the necessary permissions to use illustrations and excerpts of texts copied from the web or other sources. All of these should be properly cited.
Periodic revisions can be made at the authors discretion and are encouraged.
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