A Singular Mathematical Promenade

This is neither an elementary introduction to singularity theory nor a specialized treatise containing many new theorems. The purpose of this little book is to invite the reader on a mathematical promenade. We pay a visit to Hipparchus, Newton and Gauss, but also to many contemporary mathematicians. We play with a bit of algebra, topology, geometry, complex analysis and computer science.

Étienne Ghys
École Normale Supérieure de Lyon
MR ID: 73135

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2016-12-06 19:41:28
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2019-02-11 09:07:31
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    Topics Course
    Introduction to Mathematics
    Commutative Algebra
    Complex Analysis
    Discrete Mathematics
    Graph Theory
    Algebraic Geometry
    Algebraic Topology
    Geometric Topology and Knot Theory
This title has been published by the European Mathematical Society as a finished book and is available at http://catalogue-editions.ens-lyon.fr/fr/livre/?GCOI=29021100476860