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F. Burton Jones
University of California at Riverside
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Posted date
2020-11-20 09:46:13
Revised date
2020-11-20 09:47:11
Notes type
   Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL)

Beginner's Topology

This guide contains the essentials of the author's course in topology of undergraduates, mostly from the first two years of college. Much of it is suitable for high school students, especially those who are willing to think and experiment. Mainly the course concerns the topology of the real line. To reduce the use of arithmetic (and algebra) to a purely descriptive role, a concrete space is constructed in which points are maps from natural numbers to the natural numbers, i.e., sequences of positive integers. The lexicographic order is defined and the space of all such functions is given the order topology. All this is done slowly, introducing the student gradually to certain types of infinite processes.

This title was previously published in the Guilford College Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics, MUM Volume 04. Here is the url:

Course Notes and Supplementary Material (PDF format)

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Course notes v1 PDF (480K)