Mathematical Opportunities

Summer Program

Math Camps / Pre-college students and teachers

We emphasize collaborative problem solving and provide enriching activities within a community of gifted mathematicians from all over the world.
Our programs have a rigorous mathematics curriculum, with a wide-range of activities that allow our campers to connect on multiple levels. Sports, games, and our talent show, are a few examples at the residential camps. AwesomeMath campers are so much more than their math abilities. They are scientists, musicians, engineers, and, of course, mathematicians with multiple world views, cultures, and backgrounds. This creates a unique experience: Collaboration, connections, and community – our students find mentors and peers who can make a positive impact on their future. We offer residential and day options.
Much of the AwesomeMath experience revolves around expanding our students’ worldview. We want them to see past the standard curriculum, past their own methods for problem solving, and past the borders of their own city/state/country.
Our staff and students come together from all over the world. They share their love of mathematics. They share their culture. They share their problem-solving styles and methods.

Date Posted: Aug 01, 2020
Deadline: Apr 30, 2021