Bôcher Memorial Prize

The Bôcher Prize is awarded for a notable paper in analysis published during the preceding six years. The work must be published in a recognized, peer-reviewed venue.

About this Prize

The first to be offered by the AMS, this prize was founded in memory of Professor Maxime Bôcher (pictured), who served as President of the AMS from 1909-1910. The original endowment was contributed by members of the Society. A generous donor augmented the endowment in 2008.

The current prize amount is US$5,000, and is awarded every three years.

Most Recent Prize: 2017

The 2017 Bôcher Prize was awarded to András Vasy "for his fundamental paper 'Microlocal analysis of asymptotically hyperbolic and Kerr-de Sitter spaces'; Inventiones Mathematicae, 194 (2013), 381-513."

Prize announcement as seen in Notices of the AMS and in the news release.

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Next Prize:  January 2020

Nomination Period:  1 March - 30 June 2019

Nomination Procedure: 

Submit a letter of nomination, a complete bibliographic citation for the work being nominated, and a brief citation that explains why the work is important.

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