AMS Award for Outstanding Pi Mu Epsilon Student Paper Presentation

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The AMS sponsors annual awards that are made by Pi Mu Epsilon (PME), the national honorary mathematics society.

About this Award

The awards were initiated in 1989 in honor of PME's seventy-fifth anniversary.  PME administers the awards and uses them to recognize the best student paper(s) presented at a PME student paper session.  (Beginning in 2009, the American Statistical Association joined in supporting these awards.)

Most Recent Award: 2019

  • Haley Colgate, Colorado College, "Measuring Gerrymandering: Flaws in Traditional Measures"
  • Maria Cummings, Randolph-Macon College, "Investigations into the Discrete Arithmetic-Geometric Mean"
  • Amanda Cusimano, Xavier University, "3-cyclic bandwidth and 3-cyclic bandwidth critical graphs"
  • Niyousha Davachi, University of Texas at Arlington, "Equations of Mathematical Physics and Lagrangians"
  • Anthony Dickson, Youngstown State University, "On Inverse Semigroups Associated with Markov Subshifts"
  • Jonathan Feigert, Youngstown State University, "Presentations of Common Groups"
  • Martha Hartt, Randolph-Macon College, "A Proof of Bertrand's Postulate"
  • Eric Leu, Hope College, "Remote Identification of Cloud Forest Landslides: A Machine Learning Approach"
  • Xiaomin Li, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "Almost Beatty Partitions and Optimal Scheduling Problems"
  • Janelle Nelson, Howard University, "The Statistical Physics of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins (IDPs)"
  • Marco Pettinato, Lewis University, "Predictive Modeling and Analysis of Softball Using Linear Algebra-based Ranking Systems"
  • Ryan Wartenberg, Washington College, "Triangulations and Tamari Lattices"
  • Isaac Weiss,College of Wooster, "Measuring Compactness of Legislative Districts"
  • Maia Wichman,Grand Valley State University, "Doubly Chorded Cycles in Graphs"
  • Everett Yang, Texas A&M University, "A general algorithm for constrained robot motion planning"

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