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AMS Award for Outstanding Pi Mu Epsilon Student Paper Presentation

Seal image courtesy of Pi Mu Epsilon
The AMS sponsors annual awards that are made by Pi Mu Epsilon (PME), the national honorary mathematics society.

About this Award

The awards were initiated in 1989 in honor of PME's seventy-fifth anniversary.  PME administers the awards and uses them to recognize the best student paper(s) presented at a PME student paper session.  (Beginning in 2009, the American Statistical Association joined in supporting these awards.)

Most Recent Award: 2024

  • Kendall Bearnden, Samford University, "Comment on predator-prey dynamical behavior and stability with square root functional response"
  • Clara Chaplin, Bucknell University, "Optimizing Final Exam Schedules at Bucknell
  • Brent Christian, University of Alabama, "Nonlocal transport in layered media: Role of interface of heterogeneities"
  • Georgia Corbett, Bucknell University, "Large Values of Newform Dedekind Sums"
  • Cameron Davis, Fitchburg State University, "Incorporating Sandfly Population Dynamics into a Compartmental Disease Model for Visceral Leishmaniasis"
  • Galileo Fries, Colorado College, "The Geometry of Small Chemical Reaction
  • Jacob Gathje, College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University, "The Sandpile Group of Subset Intersection Graphs"
  • Shelby Horth, Wake Forest University, "Modeling Multiple Capillary Layers in the Human Retina"
  • Kyle Kelley, Kenyon College, "Structural Properties of Move Graphs Generated by Group Actions"
  • Celia Kerr, College of William and Mary, "Shellability of Kohnet posets"
  • Jackson Krebsbach, Hope College, "Mapping Plant Populations Using Drones and
    Machine Learning"
  • Sarah Kulas, St. Norbert College, "Present Bias in Group Work"
  • Isaac Leiterman, St. Norbert College, "Predicting Low-Probability River Floods using Extreme Value Theory"
  • Juntao Liu, St. Olaf College, "Super Strongly Hypercyclicity for Weighted
    Backward Shifts" 
  • Oscar Murillo-Espinoza, California State University, Monterey Bay, "Arithmetical Structures on Canoe Paddle Graphs"
  • Olivia Roberts, University of South Dakota, "Musical Systems with $\mathbb{Z}_n$ - Cayley Graphs"
  • Leif Schaumann, Kenyon College, "Generalized Thue-Morse Turtle Curves"
  • Dylan Schuster, St. Norbert College, "Classifying Character Degree Graphs with Seven Vertices"
  • Nash Ward, University of Utah, "Fractal Seas; Measuring sea ice geometry from millimeters to kilometers"

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Next Award:  2025