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AMS Award for Outstanding Pi Mu Epsilon Student Paper Presentation

Seal image courtesy of Pi Mu Epsilon
The AMS sponsors annual awards that are made by Pi Mu Epsilon (PME), the national honorary mathematics society.

About this Award

The awards were initiated in 1989 in honor of PME's seventy-fifth anniversary.  PME administers the awards and uses them to recognize the best student paper(s) presented at a PME student paper session.  (Beginning in 2009, the American Statistical Association joined in supporting these awards.)

Most Recent Award: 2021

  • Nicholas Adduci, Youngstown State University, "An Investigation into Visual and Geometric Representations of Prime Numbers"
  • Ben Gobler, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, "Listing the Rationals using Continued Fractions"
  • Hanna Noelle Griesbach, Elon University, "When is a Polynomial Isomorphic to an Even Polynomial?"
  • Luke Hetzel, Youngstown State University, "Using Agent Based Modeling in NetLogo to Visualize Game Theory"
  • Jonathan Homan, Andrews University, "Classifying Pretzel Links Obtained by Strong Fusion"
  • Bandita Karki, University of Idaho, "Modeling the therapeutic potential of defective interfering particles"
  • Johnathan Koch, Youngstown State University, "Defining the cycle within the permutation group"
  • Nathan LeRoy, St. Norbert College, "Probabilities of the Game of Labyrinth"
  • Rebecca Odom, University of Texas at Tyler, "Identifying Self-Conjugate Partitions"
  • Chase Reiter, Youngstown State University, "Using Trigonometry to Make Spirographs with Parametrizations"
  • Tyler Russell, University of Texas at Tyler, "Polynominals Associated to Integer Partitions"
  • Hannah Scanlon, Wake Forest University, "Modeling the Spread of Infectious Diseases on an Adaptive Network
  • Ella Wilson, Kenyon College, "Using Circle Packings to Approximate Harmonic Measure Distribution Functions"
  • Katie Yan, Skidmore College, "Modeling the Plague in Eyam"
  • Yifan Zhang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "Subsums of Random Numbers"

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Next Award:  2022