Karl Menger Memorial Awards

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The Karl Menger Award is given to pre-college students in mathematics as well as mathematically-oriented projects in computer science, physics, and engineering at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) .

About this Award

The family of the late Karl Menger was the major contributor to funds established at Duke University and the AMS. An anonymous donor generously augmented the fund in 2008. The majority of the income from these funds is used by the Society for annual awards at the International Science and Engineering Fair.

The awards are: \$2000 for first prize; \$1000 for each second prize; \$500 for each third prize.

Most Recent Award: 2019

The 2019 Menger Awards went to (1st place) Ruslan Magdiev; (2nd place) Zong-Hong Cheng and Andrei Mandelshtam; (3rd place) Geidar Mamedov, Aayush Karan, Seo Yeong Kwag, Taeyang Park, Pin-Hsien Yang, and Wei-Lun Chang; (honorable mention) Aleksei Krivovichev, Daniil Kudriavtsev, John Tadeusz Piwinski,  Stepan Akinshin, James Matthew Baker, and AnaMaria Perez.

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