Mary P. Dolciani Prize for Excellence in Research

The AMS Mary P. Dolciani Prize for Excellence in Research recognizes a mathematician from a department that does not grant a Ph.D. who has an active research program in mathematics and a distinguished record of scholarship. The primary criterion for the prize is an active research program as evidenced by a strong record of peer-reviewed publications.

Additional selection criteria may include the following:

  • Evidence of a robust research program involving undergraduate students in mathematics;
  • Demonstrated success in mentoring undergraduates whose work leads to peer reviewed publication, poster presentations, or conference presentations;
  • Membership in the AMS at the time of nomination and receipt of the award is preferred but not required.

About this Prize

This prize is funded by a grant from the Mary P. Dolciani Halloran Foundation. Mary P. Dolciani Halloran (1923-1985, pictured) was a gifted mathematician, educator, and author. She devoted her life to developing excellence in mathematics education and was a leading author in the field of mathematical textbooks at the college and secondary school levels. Read more about her and the Foundation.

The prize amount is $5000, awarded every other year for five award cycles.

Most Recent Prize: 2021

Amanda L. Folsom receives the 2021 Mary P. Dolciani Prize for Excellence in Research for her outstanding record of research in analytic and algebraic number theory, with applications to combinatorics and Lie theory, for her work with undergraduate students, and for her service to the profession, including her work to promote success of women in mathematics.

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Next Prize:  January 2023

Nomination Period:  1 March - 30 June 2022

Nomination Procedure: 

Nominations should include a letter of nomination, the nominee's CV, and a short citation to be used in the event that the nomination is successful.

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