AMS Public Policy Award

The prize is awarded to a public figure in recognition of sustained and exceptional contributions to public policies that foster support for research, education, and innovation.

Science and mathematics research and education contribute to our knowledge base, our scientific infrastructure, and out understanding of the world around us. Future innovation and new technologies depend on continued federal investments in science and mathematics. Even so, few government leaders devote significant efforts to developing public policies that recognize the importance of science and mathematics research and education. For this reason, and to encourage public leaders to devote a portion of their public policy efforts to the support of science and mathematics research and education, the AMS establishes this Policy Award to Public Officials.

About this Award

Awards will be given annually in Washington, DC, with the specific site and time dependent on the awardee(s). A trophy or plaque will be presented at a reception honoring the winner(s). No more than four awards will be given each year.