Award for Impact on the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics

This award is given annually to a mathematician (or group of mathematicians) who has made significant contributions of lasting value to mathematics education.

Priorities of the award include recognition of:
(a) accomplished mathematicians who have worked directly with pre-college teachers to enhance teachers' impact on mathematics achievement for all students, or
(b) sustainable and replicable contributions by mathematicians to improving the mathematics education of students in the first two years of college.

About this Award

The Award for Impact on the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics was established by the AMS Committee on Education in 2013. The endowment fund that supports the award was established in 2012 by a contribution from Kenneth I. and Mary Lou Gross in honor of their daughters Laura and Karen.

The US$1,000 award is given annually. The recipient is selected by the Committee on Education.

Most Recent Award: 2020

The 2020 Award for Impact on the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics has been awarded to Darryl Yong of Harvey Mudd College where he also serves as the program director for the Mathematics Clinic. He is honored for his many sustainable and replicable contributions to mathematics and mathematics education at both the precollege and college levels.

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Next Award:  2021

Nomination Deadline:  15 September 2020

Nomination Procedure: 

Letters of nomination may be submitted by one or more individuals. The letter of nomination should describe the significant contributions made by the nominee(s) and provide evidence of the impact these contributions have made on the teaching and learning of mathematics. The letter of nomination should not exceed two pages, and may include supporting documentation not to exceed three additional pages. A brief curriculum vitae for each nominee should also be included. The non-winning nominations will automatically be reconsidered, without further updating, for the awards to be presented over the next two years. 

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