Annual Survey of the Mathematical Sciences

See the recent academic salaries for full-time tenured and tenure track faculty members reported by departments in the Mathematical Sciences.

Presented here are the reports on full-time faculty salaries (tenured and tenure-track) based on the information provided, by departments, on the Academic Faculty Salaries Survey.

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Survey Questionnaires

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Historical Data on Faculty Salaries

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Historical Data on Starting Salaries of New Doctoral Recipients

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Statistical Remarks

Salaries, for tenured and tenure-track faculty at four-year mathematical sciences departments in the U.S. by the departmental groupings used in the Annual Survey, are described separately by rank. Salaries are reported in current dollars (at time of data collection). Results reported h Departments were asked to report for each rank the number of tenured and tenure-track faculty whose academic-year salaries fell within given salary intervals. Reporting salary data in this fashion ensures confidentiality of individual responses, though it does mean that the reported quartiles are only approximations. The quartiles reported have been estimated assuming that the density over each interval is uniform.

nterpretation of historical trends should be made with some care. For instance, one factor influencing changes in the mean of reported salaries year to year may be differences in the set of responding departments within the groups.

Faculty means any member of the department, regardless of which courses they teach, who is tenured or holds a tenure-track position, is full-time with the institution, and at least half-time in the department. Institutions that do not grant tenure, report those with renewable full-time appointments. Faculty on leave are included. (Summer salaries are excluded.)

New Hires means any tenured/tenure-track assistant professor whose appointment begins with fall of the academic year.

Request a Specialized Peer Group Analysis

Each year AMS provides a limited number of special faculty salary analyses to departments requesting them. These reports are based on data gathered through the Survey and provide more nuanced comparisons with similar institutions than is possible with the Faculty Salaries Report. In Order to receive a special analysis, your department must have responded to the most recent Faculty Survey.

Departments wishing to obtain a special faculty salary analysis should send a list of peer institutions (a minimum of 12 institutions is required) to along with the date by which the analysis is needed. (If not enough of your peer group have responded to the salary survey, you'll be asked to provide additional institutions.) A minimum of two weeks is needed to complete a special analysis.

The analysis produced includes a listing of your peer group institutions along with their salary survey response status; a summary table including the rank (assistant, associate, and full professor); the number reported in each rank; the 1st quartile, median, 3rd quartile, and mean salaries for each along with bar graphs.

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