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AMS Young Scholars Program

The AMS Young Scholars Program, supported by the Epsilon Fund, grants up to US$15,000 in support of summer mathematics programs in the United States.  Funding is for one year and it is expected that half of the funds will be used for student scholarships and half for program expenses.

No institutional overhead or indirect costs will be covered with these award funds.

See the list of current and previous years' AMS Young Scholars Program grantees.

Characteristics of Successful Applicants

  • Programs that demonstrate success in nourishing mathematically engaged youth at the high school level.
  • Programs should have been in existence for at least one year, preferably more.
  • Programs that run over a period of multiple weeks in the summer, bring in at least 20 students with mathematical interest, and generally are directed by mathematicians.
  • Programs can focus on problem solving or mathematical research in any area of mathematics.

Application Information

  • Applications are accepted from program directors only (not from students or parents).
  • The application will be available beginning October 15 on
  • Deadline: January 24 for awards the following summer.
  • Award announcements are made in March.  Over a dozen awards are made per year.


Support for the Epsilon Fund for AMS Young Scholars Program

The Epsilon Fund was established in 1999 and the first grants were awarded in 2000. Your gift to this endowed fund enables mathematically talented young people to pursue new mathematical inquiries in an immersive summer experience. Make a gift to the Epsilon Fund today.