AMS Undergraduate Travel Grants

for the Joint Mathematics Meetings, Denver, Colorado, January 15-18, 2020

undergraduate presenter at JMM

The AMS, with support from a private gift, will accept applications for partial support of travel by U.S. undergraduate students to participate in the Undergraduate Student Poster Session or the AMS-MAA-SIAM Special Session on Research in Mathematics by Undergraduates and Students in Post-Baccalaureate Programs at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, January 15 - 18, 2020, in Denver, Colorado. 

Applications for partial travel support will be accepted beginning September 17, 2019. Applications received by October 21, 2019 will receive full consideration; applications after that date may be supported if funds remain. Up to $400 per person will be offered to selected undergraduates as reimbursement after the conference. Notifications of awards (which will be contingent on participation in one of the two eligible sessions and completion of travel forms onsite in Denver) will be made as soon as possible after the acceptances to the poster session are announced. 
This program supports only full time undergraduate students currently enrolled at a U.S. institution who have been accepted to present at one of the following sessions at JMM:

  • Undergraduate Student Poster Session, JMM, 2020 
  • AMS-MAA-SIAM Special Session on Research in Mathematics by Undergraduates and Students in Post-Baccalaureate Programs (application privately distributed)

Note the travel grant requirements, below. The application period for 2020 Undergraduate Travel Grants for JMM will open September 17, 2019. Full consideration will be given to applications received by 11:59 p.m. Eastern time, October 21, 2019. If funds remain available, applications received in the weeks following that deadline will be considered for funding. In all cases, acceptance in the session will be needed before awards can be finalized.

Where to apply

Applications are only accepted online through An account (free for applicants) must be created in order to apply. 
One application should be made by each individual who plans to travel and is requesting support, whether they are in a group project or a one-person project.  

Am I eligible for funding?

  1. Applicants must be currently enrolled at the time of application as a full time student in a Bachelor’s course of study at a U.S. institution. They will name an advisor or administrator at their institution who will verify their qualifications.  
  2. Each awardee must be an officially accepted participant in one of the following JMM programs:
    1. MAA Student Poster Session, JMM, 2020  (At the time of application, acceptance into the poster session will not yet be known, but no funding will be offered until the poster session acceptances are known and verified. Applicants should plan on uploading their poster acceptance document into their application as soon as it is received in November.)
    2. AMS-MAA-SIAM Special Session on Research in Mathematics by Undergraduates and Students in Post-Baccalaureate Programs, JMM, 2020


  1. Submit a complete application on the web application system. Each applicant must create a (free) account on the system, and apply specifically for the “AMS Undergraduate Travel Grants for JMM.” The deadline for full consideration is 11:59 p.m. Eastern time, October 21, 2019. Any individual wishing support must apply on their own behalf even if they are part of a group project. Awards will not be by group; they will be to selected individuals.
  2. Individuals awarded a travel grant must turn in a travel form at a designated time and place (there will be several days/times to choose from) during the Joint Mathematics Meetings and verify their identity.
  3. The current institution of the applicant and the applicant’s home residence address must both be more than 50 miles from the site of the meeting per Google Maps. The site of the JMM is the Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado.

Details of support

  • Support level for this program is up to $400 per person.
  • Funds are only available after the meeting on a reimbursement basis, not before.
  • Please note that applying for this travel support does not enroll you in one of the presentation sessions (See the MAA poster session information and application) and it does not register you for the meeting.

All information about the Joint Mathematics Meetings can be found online

Important dates to remember

  • October 21, 2019    Deadline for full consideration of application
  • December 1, 2019    Up until this date, applications will receive funding if available
  • January 15 – 18, 2020   Joint Mathematics Meetings, Denver, Colorado  


The travel grant program is administered by:
Professional Programs Department
American Mathematical Society
201 Charles Street
Providence, RI 02904

For questions, contact AMS Programs staff, or 800-321-4267, ext. 4060, or 401-455-4060.