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This is an online service for the book

Concise Numerical Mathematics

AMS, 2003,

by Robert Plato

For each chapter in this book, hints to the exercises can beobtained as a postscript- or as a PDF file:

Chapter 1 exercise-1.pdf
  Chapter 9 exercise-9.pdf
Chapter 2 exercise-2.pdf
  Chapter 10 exercise-10.pdf
Chapter 3 exercise-3.pdf
  Chapter 11 exercise-11.pdf
Chapter 4 exercise-4.pdf
  Chapter 12 exercise-12.pdf
Chapter 5 exercise-5.pdf
  Chapter 13 exercise-13.pdf
Chapter 6 exercise-6.pdf
  Chapter 14 exercise-14.pdf
Chapter 7 exercise-7.pdf
  Chapter 15 exercise-15.pdf
Chapter 8 exercise-8.pdf

MATLAB programs

Internet adresses corresponding to interactive multifunctional programm systems

Comments and hints may be send to the author by email to the address

Robert Plato; last modification April 10th, 2003

Homepage of the author

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