Download Collections and Proceedings Volumes Author Packages

(For Editors of Collections or Proceedings volumes:  Use the AMS Editor's Package to help prepare front and end matter in a standard format and deliver the material to the AMS.)

Follow this three-step process:

The AMS prefers that authors use the AMS-LaTeX author package.

1. Select the appropriate series title

Generic packages are available if no series-specific package is listed.

2. Choose a TeX Package

3. Download files


Software requirements:

The AMS Author Packages were designed to be used with an existing TeX system. You must have the following installed:

Each .zip file contains:

  • a README file which should be read first
  • an Author Handbook (available separately as a PDF file)
  • guidelines for creating graphics (available separately as a PDF file)
  • style files
  • topmatter templates
  • samples
  • supplementary instructions