New Book Proposals

Proposals for Publication of Conference Proceedings

For full details on submitting proposals for conference proceedings, click the appropriate series link below:

Proposals for Publication of Monographs or Textbooks

To submit a proposal for a monograph or textbook, use the submission form below to provide some details about your book.  You can submit this form through the Web or download it for delivery by other means.  Please include one of the following, which we will use for review:

  • A draft manuscript
  • A table of contents and a few chapters
  • A tentative table of contents and a proposal briefly outlining or describing each chapter

Please contact an Acquisitions Editor or send the material to:

American Mathematical Society
201 Charles Street
Providence, RI 02904-2213
Phone: 800-321-4AMS, 401-455-4044

Note: Proposals for the AMS Memoirs should be sent to the editorial board of the AMS Transactions. The procedures for such submissions can be found at the back of recent issues of the Transactions or the Memoirs or on the webpage for the Memoirs.

Submission Options

Through the Web: Complete the form below and click on Submit to send

Download: You may download the questionnaire as a Microsoft WORD file. Mail the completed form to the AMS at the above address.

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About the project
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Recognized authorities on the book's subject matter who might be willing to review and comment on the project:
Author/Editor's brief description of contents, style, etc. of this book:
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