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Post-Publication Information – Journals

Making Changes to Articles After They Are Published

For journals that appear both in print and electronic formats: Articles are electronically published individually soon after proofs are returned and before the articles appear in an issue. To preserve the integrity of electronically published articles, once your article is individually published but not yet in an issue, changes cannot be made in the article.

Submitting an Errata Article

Once your article is electronically published on the AMS website, you can correct critical errors by submitting an errata article to the Editor. The errata article will be published electronically, will appear in a future print issue, and will link back and forth on the Web with your original article.

Offprint Information

For most AMS journals, free downloadable and printable PDF versions of published articles will be available upon print publication.

Notification email will be sent as soon as your article is published with information about accessing the offprints site through your AMS Web account. If you have an existing Web account, a reminder of your Username will be provided to help you log in. If you do not have a Web account, your AMS customer code (AMSID) will be provided to use with your name and email to establish a Web account.

This electronic delivery system eliminates the delay from print publication to offprint delivery that previously resulted from printing, sorting, and mailing paper offprints and will provide you with permanent access to your article once it is published.

In addition to an electronic offprint, Memoirs of the AMS authors will receive five (5) complimentary copies of their Memoir.