How to Propose a New Journal

The AMS welcomes proposals for the creation of new mathematics journals. To submit a new journal proposal to the AMS, use the form below or send email to the AMS Publisher with the following information:

  • Description of the new journal, its scope, intended readership, etc.
  • Explanation of the need for the new journal at this level/in this area.
  • Data that shows the level of funding in the area (if any), size of author pool, where papers are currently being published and why a journal will pull these together, trends in the field.
  • A statement on how the journal will be successful from a content perspective.
  • A list of several comparable existing journals (if applicable) and explanation of how the proposed journal would differ.
  • Opinions from independent expert reviewers about the quality, importance and viability of the proposed journal.
  • Suggestions on the frequency/size of the journal and type of articles to be published (research, survey, short notes).
  • Suggestions about the structure and operation of the journal’s editorial board: how many managing editors, their role, and the role of the other (coordinating, regular, associate) editors.
  • Suggestions for the possible personal composition of the editorial board.
  • Suggestions on the delivery media (print vs electronic vs hybrid); suggestions on whether it should be an open access journal.