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MAA Press Books

MAA Press books are now published and distributed by the AMS.

The MAA Press has been dedicated to quality exposition since its founding in 1925. Innovative and imaginative MAA Press series encompass many areas and levels of collegiate mathematics, including biography, history, recreational mathematics, problems, textbooks, classroom resource materials, advanced monographs, and notes on pedagogy. MAA Press will continue to publish books and textbooks as an imprint of the AMS Book Publishing program.

  • Anneli Lax New Mathematical Library

    Featuring fresh approaches and broad coverage of topics especially suitable for high school and the first two years of college, the volumes in this series are an excellent source of enrichment material for teachers and students.

  • The Carus Mathematical Monographs

    Expositions of mathematical subjects set forth in a manner comprehensible not only to teachers and students specializing in mathematics, but also to scientific workers in other fields.
  • Classroom Resource Materials

    Supplementary material for students and their teachers—laboratory, exercises, projects, historical information, textbooks with unusual approaches for presenting mathematical ideas, career information, and much more.

  • Dolciani Mathematical Expositions

    Aimed at a broad mathematical audience, books in this series present mathematical elegance and ingenuity across the entire spectrum of mathematics, especially in areas covered in the undergraduate mathematics major.
  • AMS/MAA Studies in Mathematics

    The MAA Studies in Mathematics series produced volumes of collected essays on a single mathematical or pedagogical theme. No future volumes are currently planned for this series.
  • AMS/MAA Textbooks

    AMS/MAA Textbooks cover all levels of the undergraduate curriculum with a focus on textbooks for upper-division students.
  • Problem Books

    This series includes a variety of books related to problems and the art and practice of problem-solving, including collections of problems from prominent mathematical competitions and collections of problems specific to particular branches of mathematics.
  • Spectrum

    Containing works of biography, history, popular exposition, and the relationship between math and the arts and sciences, the Spectrum volumes tend to be broadly appealing to the general mathematically interested reader.

MAA Press titles are available at a discount to MAA and AMS members when ordered through the AMS Bookstore. See our MAA Press bookstore page for more details.