AMS Textbooks

Whether you are teaching a graduate seminar, an undergraduate class, or simply looking for a self-study resource, you will find an AMS textbook to meet your needs. Examination copies of any of our textbooks can be requested via the AMS Bookstore--use the "Request Exam Copy" button found on every textbook's page.

Textbooks by Series

  • AMS Chelsea Publishing

    Some of the most important once out-of-print classics now available to new generations of mathematicians and graduate students.
  • AMS Pure and Applied Undergraduate Texts

    Undergraduate post-calculus textbooks in a series founded by the highly respected mathematician and educator Paul J. Sally, Jr.
  • Graduate Studies in Mathematics

    Graduate studies textbooks that are also suitable for supplemental course reading and ideal for independent study resources.
  • Mathematical World

    Works that bring the beauty and wonder of mathematics to advanced high school students, mathematics teachers, scientists, engineers, and anyone with a strong interest in mathematics.
  • Student Mathematical Library

    Original topics and approaches that will spark students' interests in modern mathematics and increase their appreciation for research.