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COUNTER-compliant Usage Statistics

COUNTER-compliant Usage StatisticsThe AMS is providing usage statistics to subscribers according to Counting Online Usage of NeTworked Electronic Resources (COUNTER) standards. This internationally accepted initiative facilitates the recording and reporting of online usage statistics in a consistent and credible manner. The service will make it simpler for customers to view and analyze how eBooks and other electronic materials are being utilized.

Institutional subscribers to AMS electronic products can access usage reports for journals, books and MathSciNet.

Instructions for Institutions:

We currently have COUNTER compliant usage statistics available for both Release 4 and Release 5. While the Release 4 reports will be available for download until the end of 2020, the data for those reports will be generated only through May of 2019. Data for Release 5 reports for MathSciNet® are available for reporting periods from January 2018 forward, and data for Release 5 reports for AMS Books and Journals are available for reporting periods from August 2018 forward.

COUNTER compliant usage statistics may be obtained via a web interface, or directly from our SUSHI servers using the institution's own SUSHI client. If a customer chooses to use a SUSHI client, then support for use of that SUSHI client shall come from the developer or distributor of the client software. The AMS cannot provide technical support for SUSHI client software. For support for your SUSHI client software, please contact the vendor or distributor of that software.

Note that whether you use the web interface or the SUSHI server, you will need a username (institution code) and API Key (password). To receive that information, please send email to Customer Service or fax your request to 401-455-4046. Please be sure to include your name, title and complete address information for your institution. Note that all requests need to be in writing and the person making the request should be the current contact person on one or more of the electronic product subscriptions. Usernames and passwords will not be provided to agents, booksellers or any other third parties.

Using the Web Interfaces:

There are three different URL's for the three Web interfaces.

COUNTER Release 5 Web portals

To obtain COUNTER Release 5 reports for MathSciNet®, go to (note that the "pound" or "hash" character is required to reach the Web portal).

To obtain COUNTER Release 5 reports for AMS Books and Journals, go to

On either of these forms, you will begin by entering your institution code and API Key (password). Once you have logged in, you will be able to select a report, choose the time period for the report, etc. Please note that Release 5 reports are very different from Release 4 reports. If you have any questions about Release 5 reports, please see documentation at

COUNTER Release 4 Web portal

To obtain COUNTER Release 4 reports for either MathSciNet or AMS Books and Journals, go to On this page, you will be able to enter your institution code and API Key (password) along with your selection of report, time period for the report, output format, etc.

If you have any questions about entering your Institution Code (username) or API Key (password), please contact AMS Customer Service by dialing (800) 321-4267 (U.S. & Canada) or (401) 455-4000 (Worldwide) or by emailing Customer Service.

Using SUSHI Servers:

There are four different SUSHI servers, two for COUNTER Release 5 and two for COUNTER Release 4. Please note that the setup for SUSHI servers for Release 5 and Release 4 differ from each other in significant ways, and you will need to consult your client software's documentation in order to use these URL's correctly with your client software. Please note also that, for the Release 5 servers, your client will need to include "customer_id={YourInstitutionCode}&api_key={YourApiKey}" as part of the Query String portion of the complete URL. The documentation for your Release 5 SUSHI client software should indicate where you enter the Customer ID and API Key.

For more information about COUNTER compliance, see