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How to Make a DOI-based Link

How to Make a DOI-based Link

The DOI system provides a persistent link destination for each article, regardless of the actual physical location of the article. Article URLs are maintained on the DOI proxy server This central server is the target of all DOI-based links. The DOI server redirects all links to the appropriate actual location.

For example:

An AMS article currently residing on an AMS machine might be have the URL:


This article is assigned at DOI of:

Construct of a DOI

DOI-based persistent links to this article can be constructed with the syntax:

The DOI server translates the DOI-based link into its actual URL on the AMS server. If the article were to moved to a different AMS location, the DOI-based URL would redirect to the new location. It is the responsibility of each publisher to ensure that the current information is registered for each DOI.