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Initial Submission for Peer Review

All articles submitted to this journal are peer-reviewed. Representation Theory has adopted a double-anonymous peer-review model in which both authors and referees of a given article remain anonymous to each other. The AMS uses Centralized Manuscript Processing for initial submissions to AMS journals. The preferred method of submission is to upload a PDF file using the Initial Manuscript Submission form.

An alternate method is to send one copy of the paper to the following address:

Centralized Manuscript Processing
201 Charles Street
Providence, Rhode Island
USA 02904-2213

If a paper copy is being forwarded to the AMS, the following information is required with the submission (note that all contact information, particularly email addresses, must be supplied to avoid delay):

- Name of the journal to which the paper is submitted
- Name of the corresponding author
- Contact information including email address and mailing address
- The author should suggest an appropriate Editor to review the paper; if the author cannot determine the appropriate editor, they should submit the paper to the Managing Editor.

No paper that has been previously published, or is being considered for publication elsewhere, should be submitted to the American Mathematical Society, nor may a paper that is under consideration by the American Mathematical Society be submitted elsewhere.

Included with the footnotes to the paper should be the 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification representing the primary and secondary subjects of the article. The classifications are accessible from

The Mathematics Subject Classification footnote may be followed by a list of key words and phrases describing the subject matter of the article.

Journal abbreviations used in bibliographies are accessible from

After Acceptance

Once a paper has been accepted for publication, authors should follow the submission instructions at

Authors are encouraged to use AMS-prepared style files in preparing their papers. Instructions are available online at

An abstract is required for all submissions. The AMS offers free worldwide access to the electronic abstracts.