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Quarterly of Applied Mathematics

Quarterly of Applied Mathematics

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Where to Send Files for Accepted Papers

Papers should be submitted in final form. Only typographical errors should be corrected in proof; composition charges for any major deviations from the manuscript will be passed on to the author.

Submission of manuscripts electronically prepared in LaTeX is required, with a strong preference for AMSLaTeX. To assist authors in preparing electronic manuscripts, the AMS has prepared author packages. The author package includes instructions for preparing electronic manuscripts, the AMS Author Handbook, samples, graphic creation instructions, and a style file. For more technical information, please visit

Electronically prepared manuscripts


  • ACCEPTED papers can be submitted via the web
  • For security and confidentiality reasons, this system requires that you have an AMS Web Account. You will be given an opportunity to create an account as you go through the submission process.


  • Can be sent via email to
  • Include a message indicating the paper is to appear in Quarterly of Applied Mathematics


  • Electronically prepared manuscripts may also be sent to the AMS at:

Quarterly of Applied Mathematics
Electronic Prepress Department
American Mathematical Society
201 Charles Street
Providence, RI 02904-2213 USA

or to the Managing Editor.

  • When sending a manuscript on CD, write the author name(s), article title, and the journal name on the CD label.