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St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal

This journal is a cover-to-cover translation into English of Algebra i Analiz, published six times a year by the mathematics section of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

ISSN 1547-7371 (online) ISSN 1061-0022 (print)

The 2020 MCQ for St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal is 0.68.

What is MCQ? The Mathematical Citation Quotient (MCQ) measures journal impact by looking at citations over a five-year period. Subscribers to MathSciNet may click through for more detailed information.


St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal
(Formerly Leningrad Mathematical Journal)
A Translation of the Russian bimonthly Algebra i Analiz
The Editorial Board listed below refers to the original journal


  A. B. Aleksandrov  
  A. D. Baranov
    (Managing Editor)
  A. A. Borichev  
  A. L. Chistov  
  I. A. Dynnikov  
  S. V. Ivanov  
  S. V. Kislyakov
  A. E. Litvak  
  A. V. Malyutin  
  A. I. Nazarov  
  N. K. Nikol'skiĭ  
  I. A. Panin  
  F. V. Petrov  
  S. Yu. Pilyugin  
  M. A. Semenov-Tyan-Shanskiĭ  
  T. A. Suslina
    (Managing Editor)

P. B. Zatitskii
    (Managing Secretary)

Editorial Council:
V. M. Babich
N. Yu. Netsvetaev
O. Ya. Viro