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Removal of Offensive Material Policy

Offensive images and other materials are not appropriate for publication in AMS publications.

AMS journal Managing Editors are the content decision-makers for their respective publications. This editorial freedom and responsibility is all-encompassing, and on occasion may involve ruling on editorial content (be it text, imagery, video, audio, etc.) that may violate the standards of our community.

The AMS defines inappropriate content as explicit/exploitive, obscene, or degrading images/pictures/illustrations, video, audio, or text.

If a Managing Editor of an AMS journal believes that the use of some material (text, images, etc.) may offend AMS readers, there will be an exchange with the authors on potential alternatives that may be identified to express the same results. Unless the authors can make convincing arguments that the particular material is essential to convey the scientific contribution, it is expected that the material be replaced prior to review and further consideration for publication.