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Enhanced References

When enhanced references are enabled, the author's bibliography is combined with data from MathSciNet to provide the following additional features:

  • Direct links to journal articles published by the AMS.
  • Article DOIs.
  • Links to MathSciNet author pages.
  • More complete and standardized bibliographic information.

Some of these features require a subscription to MathSciNet.

To see the references as they appeared in the original publication, just click the "off" button.

Enhanced references are offered to provide you with greater opportunities to access information in the mathematical sciences literature. You will find that not every reference has a corresponding record in MathSciNet, so the enhancement process may result in style inconsistencies in some individual reference lists.

In addition, it is possible that in some cases, especially in older papers, a reference was published with an incorrect MR number, which would result in an incorrect reference appearing in the enhanced references. We will be grateful to have any such errors brought to our attention.