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The transformer that provides electricity to the AMS building in Providence went down on Sunday, April 22. The restoration of our email, website, AMS Bookstore and other systems is almost complete. We are currently running on a generator but overnight a new transformer should be hooked up and (fingers crossed) we should be fine by 8:00 (EDT) Wednesday morning. This issue has affected selected phones, which should be repaired by the end of today. No email was lost, although the accumulated messages are only just now being delivered so you should expect some delay.

Thanks for your patience.

Mathematical Digest

Short Summaries of Articles about Mathematics
in the Popular Press

"QED": A review of Fermat's Enigma by Simon Singh. Reviewed by Roger Penrose. New York Times Book Review, 30 November 1997, page 12.

This book recounts the history of Fermat's Last Theorem, culminating in the proof of the theorem by Andrew Wiles. The book not only describes the enormous achievement of Wiles in completing the proof, but also gives a sense of what mathematics and mathematicians are like. "I strongly recommend this book to anyone wishing to catch a glimpse of what is one of the most important and ill-understood, but oldest cultural activities of humanity," Penrose says in the review.

--- Allyn Jackson

American Mathematical Society