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"A Bright Future for Biologists and Mathematicians?" by Alan Hastings andMargaret A. Palmer. Science,28 March 2003, pages 2003-4.

This article contains both biological problems that are particularly suited tomathematical approaches and areas of mathematics whose development is necessaryfor further progress in biology. The biological problems and mathematical areasmentioned by Hastings and Palmer arose from a series of QuantitativeEnvironmental and Integrative Biology workshops on how mathematics can helpbiology and from an NIH-NSF workshop to increase cooperation betweenresearchers in the two subjects. Most of the problems listed in the articleinvolve populations, but some are at the microscopic level. The authorsconclude with, "A new generation of empiricists with stronger quantitativeskills and of theoreticians with an appreciation for the empirical structure ofbiological processes will facilitate a bright future for the application ofmathematics to solving biological problems."

--- Mike Breen