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"Bring on the Problems? It Must be Math Camp," by Michael Winerip. The New York Times, 30 July 2003.

Dr. Max Warshauer and his SWT Math Camp for talented high school students arefeatured in this article. The camp, held each summer at Southwest Texas StateUniversity, attracts bright students from private and public schools, fromsmall towns and inner cities. Half of Warshauer's 50 campers are female and onethird are black or Latino. The article quotes some of the students, some ofwhom had never met another student like themselves---a peer who is talented andinterested in mathematics---until they went to the camp. Warshauer is profiledas an energetic camp director, committed to broadening student participation inadvanced mathematics studies. (The American Mathematical Society's Epsilon Fund awarded agrant to the SWT Math Camp in 2003.)

--- Annette Emerson