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The pain of math anxiety
Information theory in biological cells
On arithmetic and the unconscious
American Educator takes on the Khan Academy
A new Strogatz series in the New York Times
Popularity in hyperbolic space
Soviet math (and anti-semitism) in The New Criterion
Emmy Noether in The New York Times
Grisha Perelman in Playboy
The "abc conjecture" in Nature, Science, and the N. Y. Times
The Museum of Mathematics in Nature
Visualizing the curvature tensor
Math in the plant physiology curriculum
Is Algebra Necessary?
New strategies for the Prisoner's Dilemma
Knots and slipknots in protein molecules
Plug for pure math in the Daily News
Add equations, lose citations
Szemerédi's Theorem in the Guardian
Topological analysis of basketball
functional MRIs of Math Anxiety
Goldbach Conjecture progress in the Scientific American and in Le Monde
New Math Institute in Senegal
Racism and mathematics
Frobenius on my mind
Topics in computational biology
Complexity theory in the New York Times
Spermatozoon calculus
Pi Day in Greenburgh
Graphics prize for complex graphs
Medieval Islamic quasi-periodic tilings (cont.)
"The Power of Numbers"
Turing at 100; math in Nature?
The mathematics of pasta
Correlation from information theory
The hit potential equation
Numerosity in neural networks
Splendeur et misère of mathematicians
Pigeon math in the New York Times
Of ants and basketball players
The Khan Academy in the math classroom
December 2002
Locust neuron math
The topology of NOT
Elevens and nines on NPR
Computational Biology in Nature
November 2002
Football math
A mathematical phase transition
Ig Noble math
The next big thing
Bust to boom at Rochester
October 2002
Perfect Graphs
Algorithmic Architecture
Home on the Fractal Range
Ants vote for Wolfram
Neurons do Math
More primes in the Times
September 2002
The fifty-micron Möbius strip
Baby Math on NPR
Solving an Escher Puzzle
Primes in the Times
Post-mortem on the Geometry Center
143-Year-Old Problem
July/August 2002
The number line is real
Stephen Wolfram and the New York Times
Math in the USSR
A tough math problem in internet routing
June 2002
Moving with VIGRE
A new kind of science?
Math teachers with no math
New / old math probes the big bang
A differential equation for organism growth
Trig tables in verse
May 2002
"Computers, Paradoxes and the Foundations of Mathematics"
Flies, weeds and statistical mechanics
The Erdös Prizes
Nash sightings
DNA Computer solves a hard problem
Poincaré conjecture on NPR, and in the Times
Sidewalk math on NPR
April 2002
"Hi-IQ Math Hunks heat up films, plays"
Spinning eggs
Cellular automata at the seashore
Math plagiarism
More about Nash
March 2002
More backstage math
"Highly enjoyable and interesting people"
Math on 42nd street
Fourier transform of the fossil record
Large-scale sign error
"The Shape of the Universe: Ten Possibilities"
February 2002
Polyhedron Man
The Differential Equations of Pathogen Virulence
More about John Nash
Dynamic Catastrophe Theory
January 2002
A beautiful movie
Tiny computer factors 15
"Knot Possible"
A mathematician backstage
Waves of measles
December 2001
Living and breathing fractals
More about hats
Biomolecular finite-state automata
A new Proof
Mathematica - the show
November 2001
Chinese characters
Evolution's mathematical rhythm
Haven't we had this conversation before?
Multiplication in the brain
Catastrophes in Nature
Drunk on fractals
October 2001
The Gordian unknot
Answering an Age-Old Cry: When Will I Use This Math?
The Abel prize
Photo Solitons
September 2001
Math Anxiety and Math Competence
What is Math about?
Tying and untying molecular knots
Wiles at the Olympiad
Is pi normal?
July/August 2001
Poor Richard's Magic Squares
Two Tony's for Proof
"I prove a theorem and the house expands ..."
ex on the Op-Ed page
Geometric Quantum Computation
"Surprisingly Square"
John Nash, and the movie
June 2001
Computing an Organism
Proof on NPR
Flat and Flatter
Why don't we have six limbs?
Complexity too simple?
Newton vs. Leibniz on the air
Physiological rhythms
Beyond the spherical cow
May 2001
What color is my hat?
Schools' "New Math" = Trouble for City Kids
Fun with Fermat
Alan Alda, math wannabe
Pulitzer for Proof
Benjamin Peirce in The New Yorker
"A Beautiful Mind" - the movie
April 2001
Math in The Lancet
Solitons in matter
Teenager finds new triangle theorem
God, Stephen Wolfram, etc.
Calculus with Mother Hen
March 2001
Unknotting the unknot
Knots on the air
Iannis Xenakis
Jock Math I
Jock Math II
Chaos? Complexity?
February 2001
Rereading Plimpton 322
"Loving Math Infinitely"
How do fish swim?
Digital Archimedes
Math teachers are nerds ... not
Math and Fiction. Incompatible careers?
January 2001
Race to settle Catalan conjecture
Prez mentions math
"Rhetoric and the Math Melodrama"
"Beautiful Minds"
Method and madness
December 1999
The most influential lecture ever given in mathematics?
Why does a negative times a negative equal a positive?
Things that go bump
November 1999
The crumpling catastrophe
How to slice a tort?
Beautiful dynamics
October 1999
"Systematic enumeration of crystalline networks"
Unexpected behavior from fractal drums
Fermat's Last Theorem
No room on the family tree
"Randomness Everywhere"
July/August 1999
Jackson Pollock's drip paintings
Fractals in the family room
Your cell phone may soon have a fractal antenna
Randomly ravenous rabbits?
"Connections between music and science are subtle and uncertain"
"Multifractality in human heartbeat dynamics"
June 1999
Written in stone
"Mathematical genius Kurt Gödel"
Unreadable but irresistible
"For math whizzes, victory equals respect"
"Brain's Math Machine Traced to 2 Circuits"
Math on the Web in MathML soon?
May 1999
The music of the spheres
Learn inference and logical rigor from a computer game?
Ada and the Bernoulli Numbers
Plot of Internet traffic against time gives a curve with the self-similarity of a fractal!
April 1999
Space could be finite
"Playful thinking can often lead to serious mathematics"
"Alan Turing's Forgotten Ideas in Computer Science"
"Why does the telephone cord always get twisted?"
A Knotty Mathematical Problem?
"Math Emerges Blinking Into the Glare of Popular Culture"
The Lagrangian Codes
The math of slime molds and ant bridges
March 1999
Snow Sculpting with Mathematics
A faster Web from group theory?
Real-world applications
Unknots that can't be untied
Symmetric singular sextic surface
"Mathematics is ... the fuel that NASA increasingly uses..."
"The Penultimate Conjecture," by Leonard Michaels
"A Multifractal Walk down Wall Street"
"Once upon a Number: The Hidden Mathematical Logic of Stories"
"Mathematical Recreations" of Ian Stewart
André Weil
"The Geometry of the Universe"
Peter Griffin, author of "The Theory of Blackjack"
Japanese Temple Geometry
Interview with Ennio DeGiorgi
The Proof program on Fermat's Last Theorem on PBS
The Bible Code
Mathematics and the "Science Wars"
AMS adopts stand on new immigration law
Beyond Numbers, a travelling museum exhibition about mathematics
Dr. Neal Lane, Director of the National Science Foundation
Breaking the Code to air on PBS
Paul Erdős dies at 83

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