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Tony PhillipsTony Phillips' Take on Math in the Media
A monthly survey of math news

Math in the Media - 1997

Interview with Ennio DeGiorgi.
The Proof, a program on Fermat's Last Theorem, to air on PBS October 28, 1997.
The Bible Code.
Mathematics and the "Science Wars".
AMS adopts stand on new immigration law.
Discovering Mathematics: a series of occasional essays.
  • Math and the Internet.
  • Privacy versus Piracy on the Internet (available in PDF format).
April20-26, 1997 is MathematicsAwareness Week.
  • This year's theme is Math and the Internet.
Beyond Numbers, a travelling museum exhibition about mathematics.
The program of the 1997 AMS-MAA annual meeting included addresses by:
  • Congressman George Brown and Dr. Neal Lane, Director of the National Science Foundation.
Breaking the Code to air on PBS Feb. 2, 1997.
A new construction in Euclidean geometry.
Recent progress in factoring large numbers.
Paul Erdös dies at 83.
A web page on primes.
A web page on Fermat's Last Theorem.

Presidents of more than 100 scientific societies call for doubling of federal research support over a 10-year period.

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