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Information for Journalists

Below you'll find resources for journalists and communicators. If you are on a deadline, cannot locate an expert, or need more information, email the AMS Communications Office.


Find news about mathematics, mathematicians, and events from the AMS and global mathematics community, newswires, and media.

Data on the Profession

Looking for information on current trends in the mathematical sciences community? See the Annual Survey of the Mathematical Sciences (AMS-ASA-IMS-MAA-SIAM) -- information about departments, faculties, and students in the mathematical sciences at four-year colleges and universities in the United States; the Conference Board of Mathematical Sciences (CBMS) Survey -- national survey of undergraduate mathematical and statistical sciences in the nation's universities and colleges, both four-year and two-year, published every five years. For more information contact Thomas Barr.

Communicating Mathematics in the Media: A Guide

Find guidelines for communicating mathematics, a checklist for submitting op-eds and letters to the editor, links to op-eds and letters to the editor by mathematical scientists and more.

Resources for Story Ideas

Find nontechnical information (plus images, podcasts, and videos) about recent discoveries and applications of mathematics.

Mathematics Journals

Receive notification about upcoming publications and access feature articles, op-eds, reviews, archives and more online.

Contact Us

Notify AMS Communications of news about media coverage about mathematicians, research, institutions, events, prizes, deaths of mathematicians: