BIG Career Booth BIG Career Booth

Wed - Sat, January 16 - 19, 2019, Baltimore Convention Center

The BIG idea: People with mathematical training and experience can flourish in careers in Business, Industry, and Government—environments where teamwork, collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and multiple perspectives are key.

At the BIG Career Booth, people in the mathematical training pipeline or career transition meet people who work in professional arenas where a grounding in mathematical sciences is key.

BIG Career Booth Schedule

  • Exhibitors — industry representatives signed up for time slots at the BIG Career Booth — can network and get to know folks who may become their professional colleagues. They will find:
    • Talented, energetic, in-training and experienced mathematical scientists
    • Opportunities to ask for resumes and distribute business cards and other information
    • A centrally-located, turnkey venue in the exhibit area
    • Traffic from the anticipated 5,000 to 6,000 JMM attendees

Request time slots at the BIG Careers Booth or obtain more information by contacting Tom Barr at the AMS.

  • Inquirers—undergraduates, graduate students, and generally anyone at JMM contemplating a career move — can learn face-to-face from industry people. They will find:

    • People with mathematical backgrounds working in BIG positions
    • Information on what it takes to do a BIG job
    • Networking opportunities in the BIG arena
    • Opportunities to pick up business cards and share resumes

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