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Current Issue: August  2013  Volume 60  Issue 07 
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This month features an article about Meijer G-Functions and another about computing Catalan's constant. We feature a piece about evidence-based teaching and one that considers whether mathematical history is written by the victors. Finally, there is a memorial article for the algebraist Basil Gordon. --Steven G. Krantz, Editor (pp. )

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The Computation of Previously Inaccessible Digits of $pi^2$ and Catalan's Constant

David H. Bailey, Jonathan M. Borwein, Andrew Mattingly, Glenn Wightwick

(pp. 844)

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Remembering Basil Gordon, 1931--2012

Krishnaswami Alladi, Coordinating Editor

(pp. 856)

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Meijer G-Functions: A Gentle Introduction

Richard Beals and Jacek Szmigielski

(pp. 866)

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Is Mathematical History Written by the Victors?

Jacques Bair, Piotr Blaszyk, Robert Ely, Valérie Henry, Vladimir Kanovei, Karin U. Katz, Mikhail G. Katz, Semen S. Kutateladze, Thomas McGaffey, David M. Schaps, David Sherry, Steven Shnider

(pp. 886)

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Getting Evidence-Based Teaching Practices into Mathematics Departments: Blueprint or Fantasy?

Robert Reys

(pp. 906)

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Two Views: How Much Math Do Scientists Need?
E. O. Wilson and Edward Frenkel

Letters to the Editor

Burden of Proof: A Review of Math on Trial---A Book Review
Reviewed by Paul H. Edelman

The Evolution of an Idea---A Book Review
Reviewed by Robyn Arianrhod


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