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Current Issue: August  2011  Volume 58  Issue 07 
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In August we explore some new mathematical directions. One of these is mathematics and music by a seasoned musician, now a mathematician. Another is directional regularity for real and complex functions. Yet a third is an announcement of the completion of a twelve-year-long project to produce an update of the classic book of special functions by Abramowitz and Stegun. Finally we provide a detailed and intimate memory of the remarkable statistician David Blackwell.--Steven G. Krantz, Editor

Directional Regularity vs. Joint Regularity

Marek Jarnicki and Peter Pflug

(pp. 896)
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A Special Functions Handbook for the Digital Age

Ronald Boisvert, Charles W. Clark, Daniel Lozier, and Frank Olver

(pp. 905)
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A Tribute to David Blackwell

George Roussas, Coordinating Editor

(pp. 912)
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Can One Hear the Sound of a Theorem?

Rob Schneiderman

(pp. 929)
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The Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences in Pakistan
Loring W. Tu

Report on the 2009-2010 New Doctoral Recipients
Richard Cleary, James W. Maxwell, and Colleen Rose

WHAT IS...a Derived Stack?
Gabriele Vezzosi

Doceamus: Is Moore Better (in Precalculus)?
Karen S. Briggs, Brad Bailey, and Thomas E. Cooper


The Changing Nature of Mathematical Publication
Steven G. Krantz

Letters to the Editor

Street-Fighting Mathematics---A Book Review
Reviewed by Brent Deschamp


From the AMS Secretary

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