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Current Issue: June/July  2013  Volume 60  Issue 06 
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This month features an article about Eric Temple Bell and mathematics at Caltech in the between-the-wars period. It also has an unusual article on cryptography. The piece about the Eureqa symbolic regression program will acquaint readers with a new analytic tool. Finally, the distinguished differential equations scholar James Serrin is remembered. --Steven G. Krantz, Editor (pp. )

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E. T. Bell and Mathematics at Caltech between the Wars

Judith R. Goodstein and Donald Babbitt

(pp. 686)

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Recalling James Serrin

Howard Levine and Hans Weinberger, Coordinating Editors

(pp. 700)

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Can the Eureqa Symbolic Regression Program, Computer Algebra, and Numerical Analysis Help Each Other?

David R. Stoutemyer

(pp. 713)

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Rubik's for Cryptographers

Christophe Petit and Jean-Jacques Quisquater

(pp. 733)

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Set the Default to "Open"
D. H. Bailey, J. M. Borwein, Victoria Stodden

Letters to the Editor

Decoding the Heavens: A 2,000-Year-Old Computer---and the Century-Long Search to Discover Its Secrets---A Book Review
Reviewed by Christián Carman

Seduced by Logic---A Book Review
Reviewed by Judith V. Grabiner


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