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Current Issue: April  2014  Volume 61  Issue 4 
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April brings a blast of fresh air with diverse new Features and Communications. These include a piece on the use of OpenFOAM software in fluid dynamics, an analysis of the square peg problem, a piece on modern industrial mathematics, a study of how well established undergraduate research is in mathematics, and a discussion of whether libraries and open access are becoming irrelevant. Happy reading! --Steven G. Krantz, Editor (pp. )

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A Survey on the Square Peg Problem

Benjamin Matschke

(pp. 346)

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OpenFOAM for Computational Fluid Dynamics

Goong Chen, Qingang Xiong, Philip J. Morris, Eric G. Paterson, Alexey Sergeev, and Yi-Ching Wang

(pp. 354)

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An Introduction to Modern Industrial Mathematics

C. Sean Bohun

(pp. 364)

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Mathematician, Magician, Mysterian
Adam D. Rigny

Henri Poincare. A Scientific Biography--A Book Review
Reviewed by John Stillwell


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