Government Relations and Programs

The AMS Office of Government Relations is at the center of our science policy and advocacy efforts, and works to connect the mathematics community with Washington decision makers who impact science and education funding.

The AMS is represented in Washington by Associate Executive Director and Director of the Office of Government Relations Karen Saxe, as well as Office of Government Relations Assistant Director Anita Benjamin and Assistant to the Associate Executive Director Paula Olugbemi.

Policy & Advocacy News
The latest news from Washington
Linking the federal government to the mathematical community
Federal Budget for Math and Science
Ensuring sustainable, healthy growth in science research and education funding
Fellowships and Awards
Promoting interaction between scientists and the public and recognizing public service in support of science
Outreach and Communications
Bringing together scientists and educators with congressional and administration representatives
Grassroots Resources

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All AMS members are warmly invited to drop by our office in Dupont Circle. If you are planning a visit, and we have fair warning, we can arrange visits for you with your representatives in Congress, help you figure out what to talk with them about, and likely accompany you on these visits.

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